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Social Capital from many sources.

Social capital from all aspects of the community. It starts with the family, but extends to friends, community ... school, church, civic groups, healthcare professionals, government. etc.

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As the aftican proverb says, it literally "takes a village to raise a child." 
We need collaboration at all levels for children to be successful.


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Great! Not only "the African" ...saying ..I trust "commonness", unity? is human nature i trust the very word community...society...and many similar concepts express a human nature that should be brought forward because they represent the very origin of mankind. I look forward to join and learn more in this direction of "social capital" I too trust that a child's successful futures are a product of many hands, many eyes, many legs, many teachers, many mothers, many fathers, many safaris!!! many governments, many preachers,,,many nurses,,, them....may do's and don'ts ...lets go Eric...Vincent is there also with a village idea.

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