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Project Sapna: Building dreams

Parents dream for their children and work hard to help these dreams come true. How can one support these parents? 'SAPNA' (noun) in the Hindi and Urdu languages means 'Dream'. Here's a story of how 17,793 nails changed the future of children of UAE's blue-collar workers and helped build the dreams of those who build ours.

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I read several posts, in particular from the Global Conversations on parents' dreams for their children, and I immediately thought of them when I saw this campaign shared with me in another context.

The interviews of the construction workers at the beginning of the video illustrated the importance of these dreams parents have for their kids.

The campaign itself is a great way to create awareness and do some fundraising to help some of these parents' and children's dreams come true.

While this is about the dreams of the parents, what about the dreams of the children? How can they get a space to express them and be heard?

I thought that having such a "wall" (not necessarily with nails and hammers) in some communities might be an interesting way to create conversations around the topics between parents and between parents and children.

Last, this campain reminded me the Edible branding post by Meena and made me wonder how can we develop creative campaigns and engage companies?


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love this idea! i just saw this video and felt so happy inside.

it's a good idea to have the people not living in low communities help out people who do.

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