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Play pumps for clean water

Play pumps have been successfully deployed in South Africa for about 10 years. They have helped countless children and families to get clean water; without them this may have other wise been impossible. With minimal investment, these pumps can transform the lives of everyone in a community by removing the issues associated with accessing water. Providing parents and elder’s time to focus on the children and the ability to avoiding water borne illness, can mean the difference between life and death for the children of the community.

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I was part of an effort by the Brunswick Costal Rotary of Rotary International, which fundraised and installed one of these pumps in South Africa. Not only did the pump provide clean water for cooking and cleaning but also had unexpected positive impacts. One of the most profound and unexpected was the ability for young girls to stay in school and not be sent to fetch water; this was previously a dangerous task that sometimes ended in the injury, rape or death of the these young girls. I know that this affected the family and siblings of these girls more then a fresh glass of water. Play pumps do a lot more then just pump water, they change lives and build stronger communities; these are the keys in helping children thrive to five and beyond. 


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