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[Global Conversations] Planning a Child is Important!

This story tell us about how important it is to plan a child so that we can give them a good future. In India, mostly children are not planned additions into family and hence, parents are not careful in planning their future.

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This story was submitted by mobile phone as part of the Amplify program's Global Conversations project, an effort to extend the reach of this challenge to communities without reliable access to the Internet.

This story was submitted by Santosh & Renu from Khutauna, Bihar in response to a weekly program relating to early childhood development.

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Radio Show Host: I am Santosh Kumar Mandal, speaking from Azaad Club Khutauna for Bihar Mobile Vaani. Listeners, today I have with me Renu-ji who will tell us what she wants for her children’s future, or anything she might want to tell us about her kids. Let us hear it from her…
Renu: Indeed, the responsibility of looking after children is not for everyone. Bringing a child into the world and raising it as a future citizen is a great addition to one’s social, familial and personal responsibilities; which should be carefully considered before deciding to have the child. Do you really need a son or daughter? Can you afford the expenses related to giving birth, looking after and educating a child at your current level of income? Those parents who bring children into this world without these considerations are not able to plan any future for their children. 

Host: Thank you for telling us that we should plan our children’s future before bringing them into the world. Thank you, Renu-ji, for joining us
here at Bihar Mobile Vaani.
This story inspires parents to be considerate about their responsibilities in raising their children. Do your community believe in planning future of their children before the child's birth?

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Dear Santosh and Renu,
My name is Luisa Covaria. I live in San Francisco and work with the OpenIDEO team.
Renu, you bring up a very interesting idea: parents need to consider their financial capability before having children to ensure they can offer them the right environment to thrive.
Do members in your community think about financial stability before having children?