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Personal Caregiver Interviews

The five Davidson College Design Fellows participated in a workshop to share personal narratives about our first five years of life. Before the workshop, we interviewed our primary caregiver(s). During the workshop each person visually represented key pieces from the caregiver interview, then shared with the group. We are each posting an insight from that workshop — here is mine:

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After discussing my personal caregiving stories with our group, I noticed several differences between our stories, but there were also some remarkable similarities.  Raising a child can look very different. No matter if they live down the street or across the world, every childs interactions and experiences are unique, and caregivers are responsible for many of these early differences.

Our group comes from a variety of different backgrounds and our first five years of life looked very different.  Some of us grew up in single parent households, some of us had stay at home caregivers, some of us were planned pregnancies while others were a complete surprise, some us had paretns who were not married, and some of us moved across the globe several times before we started kindegarden.  Which of these experiences contribued to our success the most? Which ones hindered our opportunities?

All of the differences in childcare can appear to be daunting to many parents when the decisions involve raising their children.  While our caregivers all chose to take different paths in our first few years of life, we did notice some similariteis between all of our experiences.  Every member of our team was raised by their biological parents, and even if our parents were not married, we still had a lot of interaction and support from both caregivers.  We all spoke of our families fondly, reflecting on our childhoods with smiles and laughter as we recounted the tales cherished by our parents.  We also notices that all of us went to preschooland had very early intractions with education, and our parents heavily encouaged this interaction through stressing the importance of reading and writing.  We all had strong support networks that extended out from our immediate family and included family friends, teachers, and grandparents.
While our parents raised us in so many different ways and so many different environments, all of them wanted to do what was best for their children, and they wanted to give us the strongest start in life as possible.

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Great to see you sharing your insights with our community, Andrew! Keep them coming