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Nutrition Kit for Tiny Tots from your Backyard

Research says that nutrition is important than the quantity of food. A human body needs two palms full of food each day, three times. Nutritious food can be as simple as seeds or plants grown in your backyard. Checkout -

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Moringa Plant

Key Learnings: 

There are mant resources like Moringa. Namely - Spinach, Brocolli, Tomatoes etc., they can be grown in the backyard. In countries like India, Africa and other tropical countries, one can grow vegetables in tiny pots all throughout the year. All we need is a small piece of land or pots with soil and little water. Various kids choice recipes can be made too using minimal raw ingredients but filled with balanced diet. 

How can we adopt this policy of nutrition kit making in our own backyard? Can we invest little amounts for greater good? 
Kids in low-income areas are not the only ones sufferely with malnutrition. Even the urban kids in developed countries do not get nutrition.
Promoting backyard nutrition kit will help us gain better nutrition, health and eager to support our posterity.
What can you do, today? 
Take a mud pot/ make a small yard in your backyard and sow seeds and just take care of them. Seeds cost you very less or if someone could give them to you, take them! Make your own food and if you have some extras give them to your neighbors and the lower economic groups. Nutrition facts can be coded.


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