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Masti clean

$1 hygiene kit for Mumbai’s street and slum children. Housed in a humble box made from one piece of corrugated cardboard are toiletries, each brought to life by fun characters. Meet Cutter Pari (a nail cutter), Saboon Safai (a bar of soap), Mr. Manjan (a toothbrush), Mrs. Manoranjan (a toothpaste), and Mr. India (the anti-lice kit)! Together, they fight the villain Mogambo, a giant louse inspired by a legendary Bollywood villain. Illustrated stories on each package and an engaging instructional poem,The World of Masti Clean, rooted in Indian storytelling bring the characters to life. The sturdy box also doubles up as a portable desk.

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story telling can be used to impart basic hygiene knowledge.
using games to which are culturally relevant to promote a message.


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Photo of Natasha Abadilla

Hi Ajmal,

Thanks for sharing this great idea! I like the concept of giving the components of your kit names and telling a story behind them. I'm sure that will help children remember the importance of them, and encourage their use. An idea I have for you would be to get a group of children of various ages together who live in the area you're targeting and make them your main "promoter group" (you can come up with a catchy name for them) to help spread the word about your kit. I'm sure they'll be able to get their peers excited about it, and they can be your eyes and ears in the area when it comes to monitoring and evaluation of the impact your kit has later on.

Additional questions: Have you prototyped and tested this kit with focus groups yet? Also, how have you been able to keep costs so low? My team's idea is centered around providing education and health services to mothers and their under-5 children, and I think this might be a great component we'd like to introduce to our program if we are able to duplicate its cost-effectiveness in Kenya.

If you have the time, please feel free to check out our idea at: and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can make it better! Thank you!

Photo of Jinal Sanghavi

This is a great share! How have these kits typically been distributed? Through schools, in markets? What has worked in the experience?

Photo of Yujun Zhang

Very good idea... Do you have any marketing promotion to let more people know about this great idea?

Photo of Xabier Ortiz Irizar

It´s a lovely idea to encourage the children into the basic hygiene with the story telling and get in mind how important is to maintain a good hygiene habits since there are children , really creative! I would like to say that you could look for some crowdfunding platform or company that would like to help in this project. I have not make the research about this kind of collaborations in India.
But for example this page support some countries and their projects using donations, it would be great if you could find an association like this for India.

This is just and example,
Have fun and good luck!

Photo of Chioma Ume

Hey Ajmal, great post! Is this an idea that you are working on, or one that you heard about? It would be great to draw some insights from how this initiative has been received and the impact it's had on the lives of the children who get the kit! Hygiene is such an important part of child health - you might find this post about it interesting - it references a really great news article that came out recently about the effects of hygiene on child development:

Photo of ajmal manzil

Hey chioma,
This was a project done by Landor assosiates for the children of Dharavi slums in Mumbai. One of my friend was instrumental in the project and I know it was quite well received . The impact it has on the child is too early to be measured i guess because the project is just over a year old.

Photo of Meena Kadri

Awesome share, Ajmal. I really like that it targets children directly. Having worked in Dharavi, I can really imagine this project thriving there. It's interesting to think about story-telling as you mention – and Indian's tend to excel at this :^) –

We hope that you'll reach out to other folks in your network to join us for this challenge. Global perspectives such as yours are highly valued!

Photo of ajmal manzil

Thanks Meena . thanks for the edible branding link . Its infact one neat idea which could have an amazing impact in a country like India. I can imagine schools which provide food to the low income students using such a medium to teach them small things . a set of tools for such a thing would be a cool idea I feel...

Photo of Chioma Ume

An idea?!? Be sure to share it when our Ideas phase starts next week! Your post has certainly provided us with some inspiration!

Photo of Anne-Laure Fayard

Great post Ajmal! Thanks for sharing. I immediately thought of Meena's edible branding post. I think these are really interesting means / media to explore during ideation.

Photo of André Fernandes

nice idea this case Ajmal. I just share these extra infos abut Masti Clean on Behance showing visually how it engages teachers and children:

Photo of Meena Kadri

Nice one, Andre!

Photo of Bettina Fliegel

Hi Ajmal. Great project. What was the idea behind giving the box directly to the children without involving the parents? Wouldn't it help to include the parents from the start so that they can be educated as well? Will children get free replacements?
The design, story and products is terrific. Thanks for sharing!

Photo of ajmal manzil

Hi bettina, the idea of giving it to the children and not parents was that the narrative was designed based on superheroes , bollywood actors which children love, adore. the parents would eventually get to know that their child has received something . Yes it would be also a good idea to involve the parent as well. No in this case they were not planning to get replacements

Photo of Mariana del Carmen Somma

What a wonderful idea! I love how the characters come to life for the children. This reminds me of a book I had going up that would teach me the importance of hygiene through beautiful illustrations.. I must have read it a hundred times! It would be great to see these characters in a comic book form, even a coloring book the kids can color as they learn :)

Photo of Maurizio Bricola

This is great share, thanks a lot, combined with this: and this: I see amusing things happening! A whole revolution in the packaging industry and modular reusable design.. I wish it was already next week :p

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Congrats on this post being today's Featured Contribution!