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Local Food Security Empowers Growth

Under-priviledged children suffer many challenges in their first five years of life however the primary challenge is poor health due to malnutrition. Poor health limits every other growth factor that may be important to success in early life including education. This proposal is for the design of a closed-system permaculture solution that blends aquaponics with biointensive agriculture principles to provide savings for families, work opportunities in the home for elders, and nutrients for children.

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Sound nutrition can be provided at home, even in extremely confined spaces. The UN has installed 80 rooftop aquaponic gardens in Gaza. The advantage of these rooftop fish and veggie production systems is that they conserve water and provide much needed relief to a population divided from their agricultural resources by the apartheid walls. The program was so successful that plans were made to install several hundred more. This is now in question due to the recent war. We seek to emulate this approach in underpriviledged communities worldwide. Our aim is to build upon and refine the current production models. This project seeks to design a solution that allows any family to raise fish and vegetables with recycled or upcycled resources available locally. This initiative will remedy malnutrition, conserve resources, and utilize unused resources such as stay at home elders. The strengthening of family units around in-home food production will enable low-income communities to achieve western levels of nutrient availability for early infancy all the while generating monetizable assets for families.

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I love the idea of rooftop gardens. Great use of space.

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