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Life is good Playmakers...a model for bringing the power of play to build resiliency, healing and optimism in children.

Life is good is all about spreading optimism through their products. Their non-profit foundation Life is good Playmakers, is all about spreading optimism to children, particularly those who have been exposed to trauma. ( The Playmakers team teaches child care providers, social workers and others how to use the power of play to heal children in their care. They "provide training, resources, support and consultation, to help them reconceive their approach to care and education, creating more joyful, engaged, socially-connected environments and relationships that strengthen children's healthy development." More than 300,000 children in the US and Haiti have already been touched.

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Playmakers suggest that play should have four basic components: active engagement, social connection, joyfulness, and internal control. "Play that provides children with opportunities for engagement, empowerment, connection, and joy has the potential to serve as a transformational experience, changing the way a child's brain, body and spirit develop. When children are fully and freely engaged in play, they learn new things, develop key social and emotional skills, feel part of a community and take on new challenges. Engaged in transformative play, children build healing relationships with the key people in their lives. This type of play enables children to build resilience in the face of life's greatest challenges."

How might we spread the lessons taught by the Life is good Playmakers to new communities?


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Awesome highlight of the basic components here, Jessica: "active engagement, social connection, joyfulness, and internal control."

I've also commented elsewhere: "quote by gaming expert at advertising agency W+K recently demystified the essence of games. "Play is just, well, playing. Layer goals on top of play and you've got a game." He gives the example of a pile of Lego which can provide an avenue for play. Ask 'who can build the tallest tower with just the red bricks?' "

We're amped to see what all these great posts and discussions will spark for our upcoming Ideas phase. Hope to see you there!

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