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Let's encourage kids to read and love reading.

Reading is one of the most valuable lifetime skills. Everyone will, at some point or another, need to know how to read. Knowing how to read is invaluable, it can connect us to knowledge, show us different perspective, it encourages us to think and to dream. If we can get kids to love reading we can get them to love the thinking and understanding that reading brings. Having an understanding of the world around them, kids are able to take what they see and change it. They learn to think and dream for themselves, they learn how to solve the problems that they see around them and how to care about a larger picture. They learn what it is to thrive, not only survive.

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Fact: In the United States, one of they ways the government determains the amount of prison cells is but the amount of third graders that are not at reading level. The more third graders that cannot read, the more prison cells. Knowing how to read can keep kids out of jail. It starts to matter as early as third grade. 

Getting children to read could be as simple as buying books, providing lessons and getting kids to discorver the love of reading. Let's promote education by promoting the love and want of education to children.


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Hi Katie this is indeed very relevant especially if we think about putting children (babies) to sleep. I think this is a sort of universal activity and a very magic moment for the parents-children relationship. Offering access to local (and international relevant) tales and stories for parents to chant or read when putting their babies to sleep (or even during pregnancies, already giving useful tips to the mothers) would be of great help and offer parents a great mindful experience, if we could capitalize on that mindfulness having the parents monitoring her/his baby growth also in term of nutrition, anti and postnatal care, health and well-being we might indeed be able to offer a solution for zero to 5 blossoming. Thanks!

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