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Let's Celebrate Children's Ingenuity in Making their Own Toys

"Galimoto" is a name for a toy vehicle made by children from recycled scrap material such as plastic bottles and caps, bits of wire, tin cans, cardboard boxes, twigs, etc.. We've celebrated the creative ingenuity displayed by children in such loose parts play by curating a Pinterest board. Contributions welcome!

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Children are making their own toys through self-directed imaginative play all over the world, and we've captured some of their creations.

It seems to us, anecdotally,  that (a) low-income children appear very motivated to make toys - more so than children whose toys can be bought for them  (b) many more boys than girls from low-income households are able to play outside and thus are more free to engage in loose parts play with found objects.

We're interested to know what other insights might be drawn from these images!

Thanks to Chioma for the link to this piece on loose parts play.


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Another stellar post, Amowi! I love that cellphone :^)

And here's something from a previous challenge which may also inspire you and others here as we approach our upcoming Ideas phase: We're excited about what innovative thinking you'll all come up with around unleashing creative potential in children globally.

Photo of Amowi Phillips


that's brilliant - we're huge fans of Arvind Gupta. Hope to model some hands-on activity with his resources at our developing children's park.