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Kids Don’t Need Equipment, They Need Opportunity

Designing community space for children Forget about swings and teeter-totters and concrete turtles – to be a real success, a playground needs a few good mudholes. Ideally a child’s play space should never be finished, it should be in a constant state of change

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How might we design play spaces that not only bring joy but also develop important knowledge skills and capacities in our children? What if play spaces were designed to teach problem-solving and collaboration skills for example? What if there were play features that taught nutrition and hygiene?

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interesting thoughts. i was thinking on the same lines too .have to come up ith some concepts in the idea phase..:)

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Bring it on! These provocations were what I was thinking about when I proposed this sometime back: What will be really interesting for our Ideas phase is to think about prototyping your idea(s) with potential end users (even if they're not in a developing country – though you might try and collaborate with someone who is and design a prototype which they could roll out there) We're excited to hear more when the Ideas phase opens real soon...

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