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Insights Summary - Good nutrition, story telling (reading, chanting, talking), anti and post natal health, stimulating child creativity and community involvement, seem to have great impact in 0 to 5 child development.

Having read several valuable contributions I would like to make a summary (which is not at all exhaustive so please feel free to add up) of the main insights I personally got so far.

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Here are some of the most important factors

1) Good Nutrition
2) Story Telling - parents values and education
3) Anti and post natal care
4) Creativity and cognitive development
5) Community participation (Day care services, jungle mamas, etc..) 

1) Good nutrition
Several posts are highlighting the importance of nutrition, as well there are researches available and baseline studies that stress the importance of good nutrition in relatiin with child health conditions as well as her/his cognitive development and school performances.


How might we provide parents with tools (skills, information, resources) to support them in making sure their child are well fed?

2) Story Telling
Several contributions are highlighing the mportance of ealry reading, talking to children, story telling, teaching values, etc.. This indeed is a very important factor in 0 to 5 cognitive and human development, see:

How might we achieve behavioural change in a way that it positively impacts 0 to 5 child development leveranging on story telling?

3) Anti and post natal care
Regular attendance to antinatal visits and ensuring the babies are properly vaccinated it is the basic for contributing to child blossoming.

How might we provide sustainable, continuous, on demand access to relevant and actionable information in order to empower parents in following anti and post natal care practices, tips and advice?

4)  Creativity and cognitive development
Making sure children are able to develop their creativity, curiosity, interests and vocations is a good path that leads to child self confidence and fulfilment.

How might we provide assistance to parents in low resources conditions to empower them in nurturing their children's talents?

5) Community participation (Day care services, jungle mamas, etc..) Community participation, discussion / support groups, village savings and day care services are powerful veichle and enablers of change, adoption and success.

How might we provide resources (loan, skills, motivation, actionable information) to communities to empower them in successfully raising healthy, bright and happy children?

As well we are very aware of the potential and impact of SMS and mobile services. Still there are structural challenges faced by these mobile initiatives that prevents their scale and sustainability (and effectiveness) as highlighted here: and here:

This does not pretend to be an exhaustive summary, my apologies for not having mentioned many others valuable contributions. Thank to you all! Cheers



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Wow, this is really good. Great work, thank you.

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