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The problem starts from the low-income itself. Parents don't have enough food to feed themselves they can't provide a nutritious food to their children.So, malnutrition is the real problem. Parents don't have a proper place to stay to provide proper ambiance to child to grow. Both parents have to work to earn money so child's care is compromised. They have less access to Health Facilities,Vaccination. They can't send children to Play school or School . So, overall development of a child hampers. They don't have enough money to buy toys, ball for the entertainment of a child. Most of the children spend their childhood at odd places like Construction Sites,Factories,etc. which are not ideal places for a child to grow.

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Things related to Children's development has always been my cup of tea. I am an active volunteer of many NGOs which are dedicated for the delelopment of children. I always try to seek problems in our daily life and try to find solution for it. The question is how we can go further in this and help in the development of children financially or other ways.


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Hello Hitesh! Awesome to hear that you are an active volunteer with NGOs that are dedicated to the development of children! You identified that children often spend time in places where their parents are (presumably) working. Have any of the groups you've worked with created programs or initiatives that take this into account? Or work with children while they are at their parent's work places? I think this is a great insight - how can we support the other caregivers in children's lives?

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And perhaps you might interview some inspirational parents you work with to share their insights with our community? Check out our Interview Toolkit for this challenge: and see what one of our community members collected in Uganda:

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Hi Chioma ! The NGO I am working with is dedicated to the school going children, say 5-12 years old. But I have never heard of an NGO which work with children of age 0-5 while their parents are working. I think this is a great idea. We can start a Play School for underprivileged children. It will help in their overall development.

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Thought you might like to check out these for inspiration, Hitesh: and

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Hello Meena!! Thanks for the links. They are quite useful.

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