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Ice cream car - bringing good things to you

In our last Open IDEO meetup covering very basic needs (food, safety, shelter but also knowledge and access) popped up when we reflected about challenge. Some reported about their experiences in third world / development countries were distances (to whatever: schools, water, ...) seem to be an issue. Well, there are some examples in our (Western) societies, where products are brought to us, even though distances do not play any role. Ice cream is one of the most prominent examples.

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The inspiration is pretty basic. Something is brought to you and your neighborhood instead of you having to go somewhere.

One key learning (or rahter observation) is the fact that the ice cream car is usually something you know pretty well when it arrives where. It's always a small event when it shows up in your neighborhood. This positive atmosphere is something you immediatley think off when it comes to the ice cream car.

What if it wasn't ice cream that is brought to remote areas but other products or even services? Mobile nursery / kindergarten is one example we thought about.


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