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[Global Conversations] My three-year old already knows what he wants to be!

I can see areas of interest already in my young child, which I'm excited to support since I couldn't fulfill my own dreams.

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This story was submitted by mobile phone as part of the Amplify program's Global Conversations project, an effort to extend the reach of this challenge to communities without reliable access to the Internet.
This story was submitted from Jharkhand in response to a weekly program on Hopes and Dreams relating to early childhood development.
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Namaste! I am Vinati Vishwakarma speaking for Jharkhand Mobile Vaani from Koderma. I want to say a few words about my son, Sanskar Kumar who is three-and-a-half years old. My son is too small to understand these things, but he always says that he wants to be an engineer and a dancer. He starts dancing whenever he hears music playing anywhere. Sometimes I worry about his future, but he always assures me that he wants to be an engineer and a dancer. He already wants to go to Mumbai [to pursue these dreams]. I believe that during childhood, every child gives some indication of his or her future life course. I can see this in my son. My son has a very good memory. If I mention something today, he can repeat it back to me ten or twenty days later. He clearly has a good mind for academics. This is why I feel that he will be either an engineer or a dancer. I will support him in whatever he wants to be, and I will bear all financial expenses as well. In my childhood, there were many things I wanted to be, but none of my dreams came true. My parents could not afford the expenses, and then I was married. I could not become anything. That is why I want to fulfill my son’s dreams no matter what they are. Although I will not let him do anything wrong, I will support him in all his ambitions. I could not do anything with my life, but I will not let that happen to my son. 

It's always interesting as a parent to try to predict what one's small child might like to be when they grow up. Do you have experiences with seeing sparks of an interest area in your child even when they were very young? What did you do (or not do) to encourage this behavior? When should parents try to steer their children away from certain behaviors or interests?

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