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Hunger and How it Affects Children

It is important for the parents to be able to provide food for the children's development. Children growing up in food-insecure families are vulnerable to poor health and stunted development from the earliest stages of life. Also, they are more likely to be exposed to various serious health conditions. In addition, their hunger will not be able to fuel them for school. Therefore, they cannot think at their maximum potential in school and in social encounters.

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Why can't we provide food for the hungry?


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such a good one

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Perhaps it also putting some consideration into how we might help them to help themselves? Here's something inspiring I discovered in Kenya a while back: Might be great if folks here start sharing existing innovative approaches to food supply in low income communities to inspire us ahead of the upcoming Ideas phase. This will inspire our onwards solution-focused thinking. Looking forward to seeing more of you both on conversations across this challenge...

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Beyond the urban poverty .. The very poor live in rural areas and depend on natural resources - the challenge is whenever nature goes wild - they Sieze to survive and they die .. In Turkana up north Kenya stories of kids dying of hunger occasionally "shock" us. Its true on wat you have said Meena. How might we enable them help themselves ..