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Grandmothers may be the key

Care giving through generations is a trait unseen in other animals. In low-income families, especially, the mothers often have to work while their children are out, alone, and not loved. Grandmothers were developed to fix this issue in our genes, and we should take the most advantage from it..

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Mothers are essential, if not absolutely necessary, to child development. This is a theory that has been lingering in the scientific world for some time. It states that human females outlive their fertility to ensure growth of their grandchildren while the mother is still working, or still reproducing more children. Grandmothers also have more experience than new mothers, therefore have a better understanding of what needs to be done.
Grandmothers were evolved to take care of children. How would we use this biological solution?  


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Photo of Sanjana Ramamurthy

Dear Karen
Really impressive and important idea!
Actually we applied this ides in our plan which named as 'Granny Army'.
We also involve grandfather to help when necessary. Here is the link and I think you may want to take look.

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