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[Global Conversations] To Activate Children, Ask Them.

To activate children, ask them about their dreams and ambitions. To empower them, consult with them and build their decisions into day-to-day matters.

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This story was submitted by mobile phone from India as part of the Amplify program's Global Conversations project, an effort to extend the reach of our Zero to Five challenge to communities without reliable access to the internet.

The content was submitted in response a radio program asking parents about their dreams for their children's future. It was originally recorded in Hindi and then translated into English and posted by local volunteers. 

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Sanjeev Kumar from Bhagalpur, Bihar shares:

Your children will learn from what you do. Just as smaller children learn to walk and speak, when children become old enough to think for themselves, they imbibe values from their parents. Before sending your child to any educational institution, make sure they have learnt our values and norms. Children should be trained to be disciplined.

Try to spend time with your children. Fulfill all the daily requirements of your children, like food or clothes. Every child has a dream about what it wants to become in future, which it shares with its parents. If the kids do not share their dreams, parents should definitely ask them about it. Often, these dreams change with age. Parents should never quarrel before their children. Children should not be reprimanded; they should lovingly be made to understand their errors. Be friendly with your children and they will confide in you. Encourage self-dependence in your children by letting them take decisions in day-to-day matters.

Sanjeev highlights the importance of actively engaging children by asking them questions and giving them autonomy to begin making decisions. How might we empower parents to adopt a questioning style when engaging with their children? How might we encourage parents to infuse critical thinking and confidence building exercises in their parenting styles?

We welcome comments from the OpenIDEO community below. Some of the comments below may be translated, recorded and shared with the person who submitted this story. 

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I love the message of parents modeling the behavior. Parents are the child's first educators & more focus also needs to be put on them!