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[Global Conversations] Talk to Your Child's Doctor

In most communities in Tanzania there is significant delay in receiving health care assistance since parents, especially(mothers) attempt to accommodate cultural beliefs such as consulting witch doctors who are not qualified or trained pediatricians. This is the reason why women appear to avoid the 'western' health care system, which in turn affects the growth and development of a child.

Photo of Perspectives from Tanzania [Global Conversations]
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This story was submitted by mobile phone from Tanzania as part of the Amplify program's Global Conversations project, an effort to extend the reach of the Zero to Five challenge to communities without reliable access to the internet.

The content was submitted in response to the T.V. show Ubongo Kids about Trusted Advisors. It was originally recorded in Swahili and then translated into English and posted by local volunteers.

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Tell us a personal story related to this week’s topic. Who were the people involved? What happened? What was the outcome?
Alfi Bin Hamis says that there was a wife and a husband. They had a child, the child got sick then the mother suggested that they take the child to the witchdoctor and the husband suggested they go to the hospital. After they had argued for a while the woman won, and they took the child to the witchdoctor. The child got complications while they were there and the child died. The father then advised the wife not to stick to the old ways when raising children and the wife did learn from her mistakes.
This response teaches us that there's a need to see ways on how to encourage more parents to choose the public-health system as a first resort if the facilities are able to provide the right assitance, as well as in situations of extreme stress, such as when a child is seriously ill. Are there any stories in your community or personal stories of your own that also talk about accesing the right health care for children?

We welcome comments from the OpenIDEO community below. Some of the comments may be translated, recorded and shared with the person who submitted this story.


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Inspiring posts. Keep the insights coming!

Photo of Perspectives from Tanzania [Global Conversations]

Thanks Guy,we would be happy to hear more personal views or any stories from the community of IDEO on how we can encourage parents to seek for medical advice from their kids doctor and share the same back with the communities here in Tanzania.