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[Global Conversations] Seeking Advice on Nutrition

Without education and advice from medical professionals, parents often lack guidance on healthy foods to feed their young children.

Photo of Perspectives from Tanzania [Global Conversations]
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This story was submitted by mobile phone from Tanzania as part of the Amplify program's Global Conversations project, an effort to extend the reach of the Zero to Five challenge to communities without reliable access to the internet.

The content was submitted in response to the T.V. show Ubongo Kids about' Trusted Advisors. It was originally recorded in Swahili and then translated into English and posted by local volunteers. 

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What was your first reaction when you heard this skit?

It is very important to maintain children's health and get advice form the health points or from a doctor.

Is there anyone in your community who might have a different perspective on this topic? What would it be and why?

Most people think that, for a child to have good health, it is important that they are given good and healthy food such as Ugali (smashed maize flower) and rice within the first six months. They believe that beacuse they have not gotten good education and advice.

This response reflects the importance of parents interfacing with healthcare professionals to reinforce or debuke cultral beliefs on child care. How can we identify cultural beliefs that support healthy early childhood development and reinforce them? Which cultural norms cause harm to young children, and how can we debuke them?

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