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[Global Conversations] Bring Joy to Fatherhood Too

Parenting is often framed in terms of the duty parents owe, not the joy they can derive from young children. How might we re-frame active fatherhood as a source of joy, meaning, and purpose?

This story was submitted by mobile phone as part of the Amplify program's Global Conversations project, an effort to extend the reach of this challenge to communities without reliable access to the Internet.

This story was submitted by Sanjay Kumar Rana from Jharkhand in response to a weekly program on  Hopes and Dreams relating to early childhood development.

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My name is Sanjay Kumar Rana. To those fathers who cannot give time to their children because they are always busy with work, I would like to say that they should try to take out at least one day a week to spend with their kids. They can learn many things from children and will enjoy it too.

Sanjay's story highlights that parenthood can be a source of pleaure and joy for fathers too. Knowing that parenthood is often framed in terms of obligtaion, how might we re-frame fatherhood to tap on other motivators for men to more actively parent?

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I think fathers might be motivated to interact more with their children if they become aware of how much they have to offer. Children need the attention and interaction with both parents to thrive.

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