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Engaging children with handmade toys and improvisation

From a workshop I'm joining, I could notice while discussing with education professionals the challenge to engage children through educative activities. At least in Brazil, it's been shocking even for my generation (I'm 27 years old) how children currently are socially disengaged with excessive use of digital devices like tablets, mobile, apps and social media - even in low income families.

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Unlike those ideas of children playing and running everytime and with an endless energy, I usually see children isolated on mobiles and tablets, and growing with social and soft skills underdeveloped.

Manual toys and activities are important instruments for children develop creativity and interaction with their peers, as interactions are part of many of the familiar games for children.


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Agree with you, Andre. Nowadays, parents tend to create some kind of shortcut to calm their kids down by using phones, tablets, or another attractive digital gadget. In fact, one of my friends' kids having a serious trouble of his brain tissue development because of this. The doctor said that, his brain not developed properly because of lack of motoric stimulation in a long term periods.

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