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Empowering mothers with information and proper feedback

To my knowledge as a design researcher in the healthcare field in rural India, a mother's unawareness and lack of information is the first major obstacle to her child health . Most of the time mothers unaware of the care their child needs and most importantly, they don't know the right parameters against which a child's health should be measured. There could be multiple reasons for this, -Healthcare centres may not be easily accessible -Females depend on male members to take them to the healthcare centres -No.of nurses and doctors is very low and hence they spend very little time with each patient. -Information given through radio or television are not elaborate and sufficient

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So mothers rely on the limited knowledge of self or of elders which may include many wrong superstitions.  Every mother wants her child to thrive but they either stop trying or do the wrong things because of lack of proper information. 

How may we increase information touch points for mothers? How may we make sure it is scalable?

What are the spaces in the local community that could be used as information centres?

Can we design scalable solutions that empower low skilled mothers to effectively take care of thier babies without much dependence on health care professionals?



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Thanks for your post Saranya! These insights are super interesting, and are very in line with some of the comments we heard from the groups posting through our Global Conversations project in rural India and Tanzania.

Here are a few examples:

Perhaps they might be interested to hear some of your feedback and research?

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Sure Marika! If I come across any interesting story, I will send it across.

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Great provocations, Saranya – and I thought you might want to chime in on this post which is all about empowerment + increasing touch points for mothers: (and great to have a NID alumni joining us here!)

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Hey Meena! It says the link does not exist. Could you please check and resend.

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Oops! Try this:

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Thx Meena! Open Ideo is a great platform for cross pollination of ideas. Happy to be a part of it :)

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I agree with you. The questions you provided in your post have inspired me to think more about the solution may empower mothers/child's primary caregivers’ low skilled mothers to effectively take care of their babies without much dependence on ECD professionals. During ideas phase I will share my Idea that may probable provide the solutions. My idea will be titled "First Five Years Parenting Kit".

The idea focuses on producing and disseminate parenting kits with potential multimedia materials that will enable parents to become Aware – Understand – Practice and Apply the knowledge and skills gained to enable the best start of their children during the first years of life. The project will apply mobile technology too to remind parents/primary caregivers on taking actions to accomplish the child development stages packages that have packed in the kit and track changes. The kit will be translated to mult-languages to overcome the language barrier and I hope this idea will be adapted to global aspects as most of children development potentials during first five years are very common.

I am looking forward to collaborate with you to make sure that this idea become among of the best ideas in his challenge

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Sure! Will look forward to it. I have a similar idea, I will share mine as well at the ideas phase. We could probably build on each other's ideas.