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Empowering mothers with information and proper feedback

To my knowledge as a design researcher in the healthcare field in rural India, a mother's unawareness and lack of information is the first major obstacle to her child health . Most of the time mothers unaware of the care their child needs and most importantly, they don't know the right parameters against which a child's health should be measured. There could be multiple reasons for this, -Healthcare centres may not be easily accessible -Females depend on male members to take them to the healthcare centres -No.of nurses and doctors is very low and hence they spend very little time with each patient. -Information given through radio or television are not elaborate and sufficient

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So mothers rely on the limited knowledge of self or of elders which may include many wrong superstitions.  Every mother wants her child to thrive but they either stop trying or do the wrong things because of lack of proper information. 

How may we increase information touch points for mothers? How may we make sure it is scalable?

What are the spaces in the local community that could be used as information centres?

Can we design scalable solutions that empower low skilled mothers to effectively take care of thier babies without much dependence on health care professionals?



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