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Empowering kids with the Kids Hack Day

Inspired by the global hackerspace movement, kids hack day is a 1 day event providing children and their parents with a space for self-directed learning and creative expression. We believe this is best done outside of traditional schools. Kids Hack Day lets kids explore the horizons of emerging technologies, science, media, art, emotional/social intelligence, and PLAY. Check more information on their website:

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By empowering and unlocking kids ability to shape, program and design their enviroments - the Kids Hack Day provides children with a unique and endless perspective on their current lives and the artifacts that surround them.

More than giving a technical and hands-on approach to technology, this movement helps kids to understand boundaries, possibilities and the profound impact of computer science and engeneering in our society.

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Rafael, this is indeed a great share. Like Meena Kadri mentioned, I met with Carl of Sparkling science to try and run one in Kampala. Nonetheless, the reason as to why I am interested in this share is because my organisation is doing a program for kids programming at our tech hub. We have expanded it to an international school in Uganda thus creating a reach of up-to 41 kids. Our challenge has been how to push it to kids of parents from low-income families in a way that we can still meet our costs for the trainers and equipment needed.

Photo of Rafael Coimbra

Hi Richard! Great to know that you met Carl!

I am interviewing him on monday over this, and to talk about constraints and challenges he faces with this vision.

Let me know if there is something I ask him about!


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Exciting! It would be great if you could share what he tells you, what inspired him, etc...

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