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Education through coloring

Helping with education using coloring books and teaching the child to be creative. This concept has a multitude of design ideas and no matter what the educational level of the parent, or caregiver everyone can get involved.

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Most children love to color, and coloring books can be designed to be both educational and fun.  It is an activity that every parent no matter what their educational level can help with.  By designing a coloring book that incorporates shapes and pictures a series of books can be designed.  One book can concentrate on shapes such as, squares, circles.  Another can incorporate pictures of food and animals, and another can focus on lettering along with numbers.  Also, a bumper book can be designed which can include all of the topics together.  A child can learn basic speech, learn how to complete basic math problems and can learn to read through being creative.  The way in which the coloring book can be paid for, is a simple business model.  Someone buys one book and a pack of coloring pencils or crayons, and another is given to a child from a low income family domestically, or given to a child in a third world country.

Olivia Hill, Vera Adams, Eduardo Verde, Bruno Quatrini


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Great thinking, Olivia! We're excited about hearing more on this in our upcoming Ideas phase which opens later this week – so hope you'll be posting it there too. As always in our Ideas phase – we'll be keen on some prototyping as you flesh out your thinking. Here's some tips so you can get prepared:

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