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Education starts at birth

It is believed that the best lessons for children comes from the real world that they observe around them.

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This story was submitted by mobile phone as part of the Amplify program's Global Conversations project, an effort to extend the reach of this challenge to communities without reliable access to the Internet.

This story was submitted by Lakshman Mukhiya from Darbhanga, Bihar in response to a weekly program relating to early childhood development.

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Namaste! I am Lakshman Mukhiya from Speaking Friends Club Darbhanga, Bihar. For children, the process of learning values and school-education begins from their mother’s lap in their own home. They learn the norms of society from the norms and values followed at home… which is why, we should be on our best behavior before children. Children spend at most a few hours in schools and tuition centers. The rest of the day is spent with friends. Therefore, parents should take care to let their children hear only positive things. At their stage in life, kids are like damp clay which can be molded in any shape.
In India, there are varied cultures and traditional practices that a child learns from their family. Nevertheless, the best way to groom a child is through practical demonstration of values that we want to imbibe in a child. That's why this story talks about learnings of a child from mother's lap. Does you community have such practices of child upbringing? 

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