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Educating parents of the importance of the first 5 years of life.

New parents, even with university degrees, find raising a child a challenging task. Parents in low-income communities are, in most cases, unaware of the importance of the first five years of their children's lives from a cognitive and character development. Food, security and health are what is perceived as needed. However, where these are necessary conditions for survival and leading a healthy life, they are not sufficient conditions for children to develop skills, build character, and develop an inquisitive personality that would help them grow up to be creative thinkers and doers. Providing parents and caregivers with the necessary information and know how are first steps to ensure that children thrive beyond survival.

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Most foreign aid agencies focus on providing basic needs to children under 5, food, health, vaccines, etc.  Aid for education usually starts for school age children.  Parents education is a first step and important one in advocating more programs for children under 5 



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good point dana. Its indeed very important to impart these knowledge to parents.I found something which openideo had done for helping improve sanitation in africa Here it is...

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