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Edible Branding Reaches Millions

What can we learn about innovative messaging to low income communities from corporate brands?

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Unilever approached Ogilvy in Mumbai to advertise its Lifebuoy soap at the Kumbh Mela last year. The Kumbh Mela is attended by 80 million Hindu pilgrims across 55 days. No, that is not a typo. India’s Kumbh Mela is the world’s largest congregation.

Ogilvy came up with an idea to promote the soap – and hygiene at large – at an opportune moment during this year’s epic gathering. Teaming up with 100 kitchens across the festival, rotis were branded with the message Lifebuoy se haath dhoye kya? “Have you washed your hands with Lifebouy today?” – providing a savvy and sustainable advertising avenue while creating a friendly nudge around effective hygiene behaviours in general.

How might we create messaging in novel yet relevant ways in various low-income communities – based on deep, local insights? How might we create messages which engage people right at the point when they need to act upon them? 

Let’s explore opportunities for messaging ahead of our upcoming Ideas phase. This will enrich our collective thinking and is likely to trigger more innovative ideas when we get there.

Based on my earlier blog post over at Random Specific



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