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Childhood Nutrition

The World Food Programme created this video to explain the importance of ensuring that children get not only enough food, but the right kind of food within the critical time of conception-24 months. Preventing malnutrition is easier and more cost-effective than treating malnutrition once it has already occurred. Malnutrition is the primary contributor to disease worldwide, so preventing malnutrition during early childhood years will allow children to thrive later in life!

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The definition of malnutrition is broad and often misinterpreted. After reading the WFP website and watching the video I wonder, "How might we help pregnant mothers and children between the ages of 0-24 months receive not only enough food, but also the proper amount of nutrients?". How might we channel resources to prevent malnutrition before it happens, thus preventing disease and creating opportunities for thousands of children to thrive and lead healthy, successful lives? 


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Great HMW's, Anna! I'm excited to see you bringing these insights over to the ideas phase of the challenge. See you there!

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Hi Anna great point! That is the type of information we would like to "push" to mothers (and fathers) through Baby Blossom, providing access to them to the necessary relevant information, they can learn about nutritional values of local available food and how to make sure they and their babies have a balanced nutrient diet. Not only that with the daily/weekly usage Baby Blossom will be able to assist mothers in making informed decisions and take proper action about their and their babies nutritions levels based on the previous meals for example. Food/Nutrition is one of the core module we envision for Baby Blossom. Other core modules will be Pregnancy and birth registration, anti and post natal reminders and tips, self health assessments, DIY remedies. Cheers!