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Child's Dream Must Be Prime

In India, parents mostly dictate professions to their children, burdening them with expectations. Instead, parents should encourage a child to pursue his/ her own dreams / talent / interest.

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This story was submitted by mobile phone as part of the Amplify program's Global Conversations project, an effort to extend the reach of this challenge to communities without reliable access to the Internet.

This story was submitted by Asim Kumar Inqulabi from Samastipur, Bihar in response to a weekly program relating to early childhood development.

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I am Asim Kumar Inqulabi from Graam Vani Club Samastipur. On the topic of guardian’s expectations from their children, I would like to say that often, soon after the birth of a baby, parents say things like – “My child is going to be a doctor”, or “My child is going to be a collector”.  The real troubles begin when the child grows older, expresses its real dreams, and starts to work towards them. Therefore, children should be educated in a way that suits their future goals within their parents’ financial means. Otherwise, the child may lose its direction and is ostracized from society. Children loose their personality in order to please their parents. Sometimes the child might want to be an IAS officer but its parents lack the means to support its dreams. Other times, parents have ample financial means and are ambitious for the child’s future, but the child may lack interest. Those children and parents who have caliber as well as financial means, must support the child in attaining the best of their capabilities. An excellent example comes from the bollywood movie "3 Idiots" and ‘Mary Kom’ where the movie inspires people to support their children's dreams. They tell us about the expectations that parents and children have from each other.

(Note: ‘Collector’ is a term commonly used for a high ranking civil servant. ‘3 Idiots’ is a 2009 film directed by Rajkumar Hirani, which deals with the topic of sticking to social expectations versus following your dreams. ‘Mary Kom’ is a 2014 biographical sports drama directed by Omung Kumar, which follows the journey of female boxing champion M.C. Mary Kom.)

Indian parents often impose their desire and dreams on their children, which leads to under-confidence in children and hiding their true talent. In your community, how do parents react to children's interest / talent over their own desires?


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