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10,00 foot inspiration and thoughts. Use these links to get inspired, to think big and imagine the possibilities. This is just a start of a conversation between a Thinker and Designer: Part one: Part two:

To define a problem, it is important to put yourself in others shoes and have empathy for a community, person or identified issue. I do not have children of my own but understand how important it is to nurture success, create an environment where success (and failure) can build upon itself and help children not only survive, but thrive. Families may not have access to the internet, but more and more parents and even their children are learning how to research and use the internet to learn good things. More and more low income families do have computers and at least access and more will continue. I would like to propose a resource, website, APP - place online to give kids every chance named (number of days in five years)

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I am in inspired individual who wants to make a difference in the world and would love to be a facilitator of sorts and help build a resource, a community, a place for families, children and others to learn good habits, understand how to be successful and how to learn from each other. 

This may be a pie in the sky thinking at this point but I wanted to put it out there for this challenge before losing the thread and see if it inspires, if it starts a conversation. My thought was to take the days in a year (365.242199) and multiply that by five and get, a place to learn, to be inspired and to imagine the possibilities of how to create an online resource for all to learn about nutrition, health, habits to nurture a child and so much more. 

Kids today can learn things from an early age like gardening, where their food comes from, how to save seeds, how to nurture the earth and their world to teach them important lessons and skills. At, resources, games, educational resources for parents, and so much more. 

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