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Better Life For 'All'.

Challenges that affect children in low income set-ups include; lack of: 'good' food, standard medication, proper clothing & community supprt

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Better Life For 'All'.

Life is complete if we have the basic things we need like food shelter and clothing. On top of these, we need water, clothing (with good response to weather) & community support. Having been brought up in a low-income community, I understand the problems that affect children in such a set-up.  

To let you know:

There are people who depend on one meal in a day, or none at times, and this is subjected to their children too. Have you imagined a child of 4 years going without food, and 'humbling' the hunger by taking water? It is worse than an adult having a kidney failure.

Recently, around March 5th 2015, one of my in-laws died simply because £25 could not be raised to take the boy to hospital! And neither could the government support on credit too. It was painful to hear this. People undergo hard moments when they fall ill and they cannot raise money to cover their medication bills.

Children need not expensive clothes, but good clothes to cover them from the changing weather conditions. 

Community Support is essential and comes after an awareness has been created. Many young mothers lose their young ones due to lack of community responsibility in bringing up the kid as for the community's.

My idea:

Starting a foundation that will offer selected communities with basic requirements in focus of the young ones they have. For instance, it can be started by offering this aid to pregnant mothers near delivery, and these to be first time mothers who will be delivering their first born; good care will be taken to these mothers and provisions will be given in terms of food, medication, clothing and counseling. Basic child bringing techniques will be trained during the pregnancy and after birth and during child-bringing  up until 5yrs of age. 

Experts Needed:

Experts will be needed in terms of volunteering to cut on costs and this will include; Doctors & Nurses, Teachers, and Counselors. Others will be selected on need base.


This is a community venture and it calls for partnership from forward thinking individuals who are ready to get their hands dirty and make a difference in the world around them.

Idea => Impact:

I for sure need to turn this idea into an impact so as to make a change in people's lives all over the world around us. God help us.


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That's a very great idea. But I'm wondering how long the project will be in a selected community.

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