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My main idea is to provide; education to the parents of how should a child be educate, information about their health, habits they use to have and so.

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We should start from the responsible of the children’s health and living habits, the ones who should take care of them, their parents. They have been educated as if the responsible one should be the woman, the one who will do the housework and build the education for their children. We should invest money and time on giving a common education which are the things they are losing if they don´t start giving the importance it has.
Education includes everything, once we change their points of view this will be like a circle; the women will start learning how to educate themselves as independents and so they will be pregnant later. They will understand the importance of where they should give birth, the hospitals not to start with a sick child. The water is one of the most importance resource they must have and so I have read about a project "1000 litros de vida" they have had an idea about it and so I have put a video and a summary of that: 
At the time we achieve this, that will take a long period, we learn from our parents and their habits and so we would have achieved our objective.

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