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Most Important 15 Minutes

Language acquisition is the gateway to literacy and literacy opens doors to prosperity. In their first 2000 days, children need to hear and interact with words from their parent's and caregiver's mouths. They need to hear the stories of their family and their culture and stories from other places. Read aloud children's books, add quantity and richness to the burgeoning vocabulary that each child is building. Ensuring that children's libraries are accessible through book boxes, little free libraries and school/state sponsored facilities and then encouraging parent participation. If parents read aloud to their children for 15 minutes every day, they would add almost 500 hours of language engagement in the first 5 years.

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We know that literacy -- the ability to read, write and communicate is the hingepin of future success. Schools play and important role in literacy but it begins in the first years of life at home. Before children enter school, their first 2000 days, their experiences with books builds vocabulary, interest and a strong foundation for learning.

In North America, 28% of children are ill equipped to learn to read at the same time as their peers. 40-45% of adults suffer from low literacy skills and see their possibilities reduced daily.

Offering books through local exchanges like local libraries, little free libraries or book boxes helps with access but parents need to participate with their children in the practice of joyful read aloud. 

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