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khelna khelana- providing food with fun!

we intend to provide the children age 0-5 living in the slums with clean drinking and fresh fruits/ vegetable through designing their space and recycling the objects they have access to.

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Pakistan is  a  home to the sixth largest population in the world, where the majority of the country’s poor either live in rural areas or in urban slums.Lahore the second largest city of Pakistan is the economic hub of Punjab. According to the population survey, the population of this city is more than ten million Out of this, more than half people are living in the slums, where they don’t have proper food, health, sanitation, living and education facilities or drinking water. the children suffer mostly because of malnutrition and dirty water there is no water drinking facility for  people  in the and they are forced to drink water from a pound situated just outside their settlements from where animals were also drinking. to deal with this
 design pakistan will collaborate with different NGOs already working in slums and with their help we will understand their needs and requirements and according to that we will invove our architects and engineers to design their space in a way that will help them,which may contain a mini garden and build easy water filter and conduct sessions how to use these resources which they already have and how they can make their life better.

Who will benefit from this idea and where are they located?

our idea is to ensure that a child gets a healthy life it is designed to benefit every one living in the slums which includes children,expecting mothers, parents,relatives etc .everyone involved in the upbringing of the child will benefit from this idea.

How could you test this idea in a quick and low-cost way right now?

we will target a single family living in 3 to 4 tents and will provide them with our services after a short time we we will check how effective it has been.

What kind of help would you need to make your idea real?

we will need mentors to help us understand the needs of the slums. we need NGOs to collaborate with us for better execution we may need feedback from IDEO or their appreciation.

Is this an idea that you or your organization would like to take forward?

  • Yes. I am ready and interested in testing this idea and making it real in my community.

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Interesting share! Perhaps you might consider helping people better grasp how this idea could play out by describing some example scenarios which describe user journeys through some of the proposed activities you've outlined. Check this example: where a few simple scenarios were created in an attempt to explain the goodness on the idea in a human-centered way. (You can update your post at any time by hitting the Update Entry button up there on the right.)