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Community Play

Educating children through creative storytelling about Health, Nutrition and Life Skills such as interaction with others, good habits, time management by performing a community play.

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The first 5 years of a child is the critical time when they learn the keyskills which they carry throughout their lifetime. During this period, it is important that parents provide care and support to their children so it will help them thrive. One of the creative way to teach children is through  play.

In Villages in Nepal, mostly mens are out during the day working hard for the survival of the family and womans stay at home doing household chores , cooking food and looking after the children. Since they are not getting the right education they lack necessary skills and guidance that a children accquire to learn life skills and be creative. If these basic skills are mentored and developed by an expert volunteer then the parents can raise their child effectively. Also in a community there might be people who specialise on certain skills like cooking, farming, if they could teach other people and share their skills it would help develop the community. These skills can then passed down onto their children which can employ newer abilities.

What is the Idea?

A group of expert volunteers are sent to rural villages in Pokhara during midsummer when the children are on holidays, to teach the parents nessary parental skills such as Health, Nutrition, Life Skills and demonstrate what they have learnt by performing a play for their children. Thus this way they are teaching the children as well as learning themselves. Children pay more attention when their own parents are performing on the stage. This would also be a great opportunity for children who cannot afford to go to school.

How it works?


Who will benefit from this idea and where are they located?

Rural villages in Pokhara, Nepal. It's a free educational event so there are no restriction to any cast system, age or gender. It provides opportunity for both parents and children to develop life skills. Children will have a direct influence from their parents as they will most likely associate them to be their prime role models. Parents will excel themselves as they are teaching and learning , engaging children. Overall, the whole community is involved and learning throughout the process. Thus, this will help to create a healthy community and the children are embedded with a brighter future with life-long skills.

How could you test this idea in a quick and low-cost way right now?

Find out how much fund NCVO are able to supply for this project so accordingly number of volunteers can be sent to a community. Find out how many volunteers Tracing Nepal have/ can provide volunteers to work on this project and also with different level of expertise. Check if the parents are willing to spare their time onto developing their parental skills for the sake of their children's future.

What kind of help would you need to make your idea real?

For this idea, we need funds NCVO (Funders). They support volunteer organisations and represents voluntary sectors. They connect people partners and resources to make the biggest difference. ( Expert Volunteers to be supplied by Tracing Nepal. They get volunteers from the UK, to go to Nepal and help out rural communities and charity events, such as dancing and balls games. ( NFHP are already doing similar programs (FCHV) ( ) to help mother and children under 5 yr in Nepal. We could use networks and resources these organisations have and perhaps get help from their expert sector. Feedback from OpenIdeo team and where this idea can be further develop into.

Is this an idea that you or your organization would like to take forward?

  • Yes. I am looking for partners that might be interested in taking this idea forward in their communities.


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Great idea! I love the fact that it is really aware and sensitive of local traditions. Your idea is quite similar to our teams'. Maybe you could check ours and we could discuss ways of helping each others' ideas!
Good Luck!

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