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Gym Jam World

Gym Jam World is a mobile showcase that highlights alternative health driven activities that support children’s developmental milestones. Our mobile facility provides children 18 months - 5 years with developmentally appropriate fun activities that build social, physical and emotional growth. We focus on wellness, nutrition, creative play, and gross motor skills in a safe and nurturing environment. Our information stations provide parents/caregivers with information on healthy food options, preparation and nutritionally sound snack choices. Opportunities to taste test selected healthy food options are available during our daily cooking demos.

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Gym Jam World is a mobile showcase that highlights alternative health driven activities that support children’s developmental milestones.  

Benefits for Parents / Caregivers:
  • Useful and meaningful information on health, nutrition and wellness
  • Heightened awareness of developmental milestones and school readiness
  • Access to healthcare experts

Benefits for Kids:
  • develop gross motor skills to strengthen bones and muscles
  • build self-confidence
  • learn fundamentals of movement and coordination

Each showcase will feature 6 stations for parents/caregivers and children 18 months to 5 years:

1) Entrance
2) Creative Play
3) Nutrition
4) Tumbling
5) Local Vendors / Healthcare experts
6) Exit

The following journey map highlights the experience:

Artist Concept


Station #1  Creative Play

Station #2 Nutrition

Station #3 Tumbling

Station #4 Local Vendors




Who will benefit from this idea and where are they located?

Our target market for Gym Jam World is parents/guardians of children 0 - 5 years of age in low socioeconomic communities. Activities are geared towards children 18 months to 5 years. Gym Jam World can be modified for global implementation.

How could you test this idea in a quick and low-cost way right now?

We could do a 1-day test at a church, day care center or school. The number of stations built out would be dependent on budget. However, before running the 1-day test we could test assumptions by: 1) Design Flyer / Survey to solicit feedback. 2) Design Web page to solicit feedback 3) Simple Demo at mall or park

What kind of help would you need to make your idea real?

To make this idea real we could use expert advice from 1) Logistics company to better understand logistics, permitting and costs of moving the showcase on a regular basis 2) Gymnastics / tumbling professional to design tumbling station 3) Nutrition & Health care experts to validate / assist in station design

Is this an idea that you or your organization would like to take forward?

  • Yes. I am ready and interested in testing this idea and making it real in my community.


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Photo of Gustavo Frisoli

Great way of teaching about health, nutrition to parents, in the same path that the kids can develop through gym and exercises. A way of making people wanna get together with this experience and help the others is to find some sponsors to your project, they can help you find people that will teach the kids and the parents. Good way to go Michael.

Photo of Michael Dawson

Thanks Gustavo. We plan to identify local sponsors / partners to ensure that we are meeting needs of local community.

Photo of Diini Omar

This great concept,However Many people don’t go to the church, day care centre or school You can use the radio station or mobile phones to get the massage a cross.

Photo of Michael Dawson

Thanks Diini. I forgot to include our awareness campaign, but we have thought about it. Places to advertise include: Radio, Facebook, Community Center, Health Center, Mall, Walmart, Local Variety Store, Hair Salon, Beauty Supply Shop. We would work with local partner to identify best methods to advertise.

Photo of Sam Graham

This is a very interesting idea. As a bit of constructive criticism, the only worry I have is that many parts of these communities don't have the essential needs, like food and water. If your workshop travels around to these communities would this encourage people to attend if the children of that area are ill and malnourished? Also would they take advantage of the 'taste test' if you are providing free testers. Could you avoid travelling to these communities but then could this be seen as insensitive?
.....But, I completely agree with the ways in which you are trying to let these children thrive. The travelling 'circus' as you called it below would work wonders in well nourished communities.
There are many ways that you could try and combat what I said, for instance changing one part in teaching them how to produce clean drinking water or a an efficient way to farm or produce food.
Good idea altogether though. Keep it up

Photo of Michael Dawson

Thanks Sam for the feedback. We would seek partners in the various communities to ensure that we understood the landscape before we arrived. One of the strengths of our idea, IMO, is that it can be modified to meet the local needs.

Photo of Charlotte Norris

Nice idea Michael, as children learn well and in a natural way through play. Who is this idea for? Where would it start? In what kind of community? How can you ensure the communities have the facilities for this concept? Would the play area be tested by child care professionals to ensure it is safe for infants? If so, who would these professionals be in low income communities? Have you managed to locate any in the specific areas? Good luck with the concept, and I am looking forward to seeing it progess further.


Photo of Michael Dawson

Thanks Charlotte for the comments. The idea is for this to be a traveling showcase. Think of a trade show or even a circus. We would set-up in a community for a few weeks and then move on to the next community. Demand would determine how long we stayed at a destination.

The idea is to target low-income communities where access to this kind of information is not readily available. Based on location, we will make a determination on where to hold event - fairgrounds, school gymnasium, etc.

Yes, all stations will be tested by professionals - child care, nutrition and health care.

I'm based in Boston, MA. So we will prototype the idea at a local school over the course of a weekend. Based on lessons learned we will determine next location.

Photo of Guy Viner

Great visualizations, Michael! With the focus of this challenge centered around children in developing countries, how might you adapt this idea with developing world contexts and challenges in mind. What would you have to add or change? Who might you partner with to prototype this idea on the ground in a developing country? Here are some more tips to evolve your idea further:

Photo of Guy Viner

And here's a friendly tip: update your OpenIDEO profile so folks can dig who they're collaborating with. Think skills, experience, passions & wit! Looking forward to seeing more of you across conversations on this challenge...