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Grown up in pretty much low-income communities, i have seen many families struggle to make ends meet while they also need to look after the children. It can be a tough situation for parents to balance out between their work and childcare. Hence my idea is that raising awareness on what parents should do to ensure their children well-being and their mental and physic development. This can be done by approaching and forming partnership the government. To make it successful, NGOs and other social support organisations should work together to make the impact bigger and holistic. Recruiting more volunteers is also essential to carry out the mission and to monitor the mission progress.

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It will work if everyone work together. we have seen many organisations such as save the children and starlight children foundation aim to help children who needs help, but it seems that the problem never end as we still see children live poorly. Therefore if those organisations work together and focusing on one problem at a time, the result will be very positive. Moreover, those organisation should also hiring more volunteers to be sent to those targeted countries to carry out the mission. Moreover, using social media to create awareness and gain mass public attention on the issue. Also to encourage the public to do something to help solving the issue. 
We all know that there are children live in poor environment, however how many of us actually extend our hand to them? Some say well we have donated money, but thats not really helping the children either as only small portion of the donated money is being used to help the children. We can do more than that such as helping out the neighbours, the area they live and/or other countries. In addition, we need to watch our behaviour and act around children as children learn from what they see and hear. 

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Hi. Please help us to fill our survey question below here. Thank you in advance.
Does a parenting kit with simple guidelines on how to practice best parenting skills during first five years of child development milestones (in form of DVDs or printed templates) would provide opportunities to parents in low-income communities accessing parenting skills information?
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Sure will do update the entry to make it appealing! thank you!

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