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Food efficiency and health

(1) whereas global warming/climate change is making crops harder to grow, pushing food prices up (2) whereas parents of young children are just starting out and are economically and energy-wise challenged at meeting demands (3) propose mass teaching of Fit for Life by Harvey Diamond, Getting Things Done by David Allen... to all parents of young children (4) and encouraging restaurants to re-work their menus to comply with Fit for Life proper food combining for optimal health. (5) With the result that the same dollars go further while improving energy levels... and all it takes is knowing how and why, as explained in the book, to turbo charge young parents!

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Parents of young children are often cash-strapped, energy-drained, and in need of both more money and more energy/time.  The book, Fit for Life by Harvey Diamond, is crucial knowledge for facing the challenges of a planet with population growth and climate change-induced food shortages because food doesn't grow well under extreme conditions.

So it's important that the cash dollars spent by parents of young children stretch the furthest in terms of value -- bang for the buck.  And that's done by following the principles of Fit for Life by Harvey Diamond regarding food combination.  A family can eat almost 50% less food with better health outcomes...  a win-win for everyone, because the pressure on food prices will go down as all people eat less.  
Then to add to that, teach them  Getting Things Done by David Allen so that they can manage the time crunch as well.  The more population grows, the more organized we all have to be to fit together without conflict, because limited resources will need to be used more wisely on mass scale.

Fit For Life by Harvey Diamond taught on mass scale will lower healthcare premiums for people as we all get healthier by eating right.  It will lower cost of food, but with global warming / climate change reducing food yields, maybe it will just even out that we can still afford to eat.

Getting Things Done by David Allen will boost GDP and the economy as people all become more productive.


Who will benefit from this idea and where are they located?

Everyone everywhere on this planet could benefit from this...

How could you test this idea in a quick and low-cost way right now?

I've already been doing this for several years in a low-cost way -- virtually costs me nothing. A penny per person who I advertise these ideas to -- by sticking it as the signature line on my e-mails, by printing out on paper, cutting out the slips and passing them to everyone I meet everywhere I go, and already I've seen so many people's health transform for the better because of it.

A tax preparer said to me -- after I told him, "I'm a strategist" -- he said "My clients come to me at the last minute -- crowding all into the last week before taxes are due -- can you help me with that? I'd like them to come in earlier." So I gave him my slip of paper that I carry with me with the list of recommended books on there -- and said, "recommend them to read Getting Things Done by David Allen; if you want, copy my slip of paper word for word, type it up -- cut them out, about one cent per person, pass it out to everyone you meet and you'll see results. And sure enough, the next year he was so excited to say that his customers had come in two weeks earlier than usual!

If I had a month to test this in a low-cost way, I would write up a persuasive short piece about why people would benefit from reading these books, then have have someone make a YouTube video presentation of it.

Then get a group of volunteers to do the following: Print out slips of paper with the book names on it, and the YouTube URL, pass them out to everyone in mass markets -- so duplicate what I've already been doing, except everywhere across America, Africa, wherever. These books have already been translated to Chinese as well recently.

Here's my slip of paper... it says --

      >> A transformative impact for your...

      ... health - Fit for Life, by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond

      ... productivity - Getting Things Done, by David Allen

      ... perspective - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey

      ... destiny - - iTunes podcasts

Anyone who wants to, go ahead and copy that, type it up, print it out, pass it around... stick it on your email signature line... get the word out. I've uploaded the file in English and Spanish if you want to use my original master copy and just print it on colored paper, cut out, pass them out... feel free to use.

What kind of help would you need to make your idea real?

Volunteers to spread the word every which way already afore-described and brainstormers to come up with numerous other ways such as --

Pressing for publishing companies to translate into more languages
Young people who have social media capabilities to transmit the information that way

YouTube testimonials by people whose lives are transformed collected into a channel...

et cetera

Is this an idea that you or your organization would like to take forward?

  • This idea is meant to inspire. I hope someone else takes it on!


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