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Parents and family members are most potential people for children thrive from the earliest stage of their development milestones. FIRST FIVE YEARS PARENTING KIT would inform and provide opportunities for them to fulfill their roles and responsibilities on providing best parenting skills to their children.

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90% of human brain development is ocured during first five years of life. Though this period is critical for setting human development foundation, most parents and family members in developing countries are unaware of how to invest to their children, as the result that most children in the community lack early emotional, physical and cognitive support. 
FIRST FIVE YEARS PARENTING KIT would produced in understandable languages and cultures that provide opportunities for parents in low-income communities accessing information in a compatible toolkit with simple guidelines in form of DVDs and printed templates that inform and guide parents on the best parenting practices skills during first five years of child development milestones. However, the DVD materials will be developed in context of peoples' cultures, customs, believes to capture most and best practice regarding upbringing their children. The templates will be developed by adopting both international standard and local contexts to capture significant issues regarding child needs and peoples' cultures and believes.  (Please download the a sample template at the right side of this post)

Local support networks and famous places where people often visit or gather such as Mother and Child Health (MCH) clinics, Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers, public schools, community centers, churches, video show centres or community shops, community volunteers etc, will be used as focal platforms for parents to access the kit, receive regular trainings on how to apply kit and share their experiences to one another.  In addition, the program will create cooperation mechanism with local radio and TV programs to creat awarenes and educating community widely. Through the above mentioned networks and radio/TV programs community members will gain knowledge and motivation to mentor other parents on applying kit and nurture children in the community collectively.
The operation plan will be guided by the principle of LEAN HOW TO USE KIT; TAKE IT HOME, LEARN & APPLY GAINED SKILLS; SHARE THE BEST PRACTICES with OTHERS; and PROVIDE FEEDBACK. Follow-up measures include beneficiaries phone number documenting for information sharing and receiving feedback, monitoring and evaluation procedures will be taken to inform the program progress and how the kit has impacted their parenting skills.

This idea might suseed because it uses simple media to inform, remind and guide parents on their responsibilities to nurture their children and give them the best start from the eaarliest stage.
It gives parents opportunity to apply local available resources and natural environment to rise thir children as induviduals, group and communty at large.
It might be adopted and modified to feet local and global contexts.

UPDATE 26/11/2014. 
The First 5 Kit for New Parents is an innovative, evidence based
approach to reach new parents with information about
parenting practices and community resources. The “Kit” is a
low-cost, multi-media collection of information for parents of
children 0-5 years and their providers. It includes DVDs
(featuring celebrities, experts and diverse parents), and
printed materials that were written to be widely accessible to
parents, including those with limited literacy, and those who
speak Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean
or English. Since 2001, the Kit has been distributed free of
charge to 500,000 California parents each year through
diverse perinatal and childcare programs. The Kit model was
evaluated in a 3-year longitudinal survey of intervention and
comparison groups of English- and Spanish-speaking
parents and providers. Findings showed high Kit usage
(87%) and satisfaction (94%). Parents in the intervention
group showed significantly greater knowledge gains and
reported better practices than parents in the comparison
group. Providers considered the Kit a valuable resource to
incorporate into their educational programs. The Kit model
has now been adapted and extended to four other states
and has reached over five million families. 
for more information  BROWSE this link

Who will benefit from this idea and where are they located?

The primary beneficiaries are children, parents or child primary caregivers and family members. Secondary beneficiaries are Daycare/crèches centres, CED teachers, MCH clinics, women groups. To start the project will take place in Arusha city particularly at slum communities and will expand to other communities.

How could you test this idea in a quick and low-cost way right now?

Firstly, in first five days our team will visit, identify and inform the beneficiaries about the idea and collect their views and opinions. The task will be handled through sampling groups of 15 beneficiaries include 8 representatives presenting child attachment figures, parents or child primary caregivers and family members and 7 representatives representing the following existing networks Daycare/crèches centres, ECD teachers, MCH clinics, church/ mosque, women groups and community leader. Secondly, our team will review and document potential participants’ views and opinions hence develop the initial kit with child development milestones parenting guidelines in two media include DVD and printed leaflets and disseminate to the same participants. The task will be carried for the period of two weeks whereby week I will be used to develop initial media and week II participants will watch/ read and apply the information gained to nurture their children. Thirdly, during the last week our team will revisit participants, learn and collect feedback on how the kit has inspired and impacted them; seek more opinions on which kinds of media/materials may be included to the parenting kit and finally share the outcomes with OpenIDO community.

What kind of help would you need to make your idea real?

We need helps including suggestions and advice from ECD experts on how we can improve this idea. Any comment or feedback from the OpenIDEO Team/ community. Organizations would to partner are welcome.

Is this an idea that you or your organization would like to take forward?

  • Yes. I am ready and interested in testing this idea and making it real in my community.
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Great idea. Is it possible that the parenting kits be reusable for each family. This way they can retain the kit and reuse if they later decide to have more children. I'm sure this would also ensure the cost-effective factor for your idea.

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Thank you Tinotenda Dube for your comment.
Yes they can. since each copy of templates will be laminated for durability. also the DVD will be kept in a hard cover. please see the kit template sample

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Great idea!

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