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Dream Box - speak , Visualize, Share , Build together.

Imagine Using Technology to Deliver Dreams to Low Income communities. This is an Experience that the whole community will talk about throughout the year.

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Combination of Argumented Reality to inspire and visualize a dream which is made tangible via 3d printing and Delivered by a drone and you get to make friends along the income divide.

imagine if you were able to see an image of you in 20years now? 

Yes we can see the future now ... And let you have it... 

imagine well off families supporting  dreams for the low income friends .. All they got to do is donate 10kg of their plastic waste to the dream bank and tag a kids dream- the  Best Dreams Live .

The cost of Funding a dream is a communial effort .. 

We get to see those happy faces videos and pictures on dreams delivery Day coutesy of drone time lapses. 

The Joy of Inspiring a kid to dream.

Pre school has never been this Fun.

Your own Dream In a Toy ... 


Who will benefit from this idea and where are they located?

It is a community Affair... A connecting child to Dream game (Dream Box) and technology bridges this barriers.. The lower income side - kids are inspired to dream bigger beyond their otherwise "sorry environments" the drone experience - Wow moment.. Parents gets a feeling of hope for a better future knowing that their are families which still care . The upper income side - kids meet a kid and they connect via a dream toy .. If he gets luck the parents purchases a similar toy which is also delivered via drone. Parent gets to donate his plastic waste creating a new garbage collection circle - (hopefully)

How could you test this idea in a quick and low-cost way right now?

Paper prototypes.. Carton boxes are good for this .. And some Google search for images in the case of kids dreams .. 1. Say a kids enters into the dream box .. He says he wants to be a doctor - 2. Google --> doctor show the kid .. Observe the kid's reaction ... 3. 2-3 days later .. Hand deliver the toy to him .. Get feedback.. Working with the caregivers in key in this process.

What kind of help would you need to make your idea real?

Dreamer and Technology for good peoples.. Some optimistic minds .. And a drone expert .. Kids toy designer...

Is this an idea that you or your organization would like to take forward?

  • Yes. I am looking for partners that might be interested in taking this idea forward in their communities.


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Hi Weseka, your idea certainly has vision and futuristic aspect!. A 3D printed object, delivered by a drone to a remote community! For sure they will talk about it for the rest of their lives. We used drones to take and show pictures of people and their houses in Madagascar. Wow what an impact that had. Keep imagining...

Photo of wekesa zab

Thanks for the Feedback Susanne,
And the drone experience you jus shared from Madagascar.. :) .. April's Idea -
It got me thinking how might we deliver an" inspiring moment" to gets parents and kids hopeful and even dream bigger..