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Community-based Integrated Livestock-Agroforestry Farm and Organic One-Stop Shop

Our idea is to set-up a community-based integrated livestock-agroforestry farm and organic one-stop shop that could ensure that parents are able to provide for their children’s nutritional needs by training a family to raise or grow only one kind of crop or livestock in an agricultural tract of land. Then every harvest season, each family would bring their products in the one-stop shop and get everything that they need to feed their families. This project could be implemented on a phase-by-phase stage. It could start by meeting the basic needs of the community first, then gradually increasing the production and variety of fruits, veggies, meats, and grains to be able to sell the excess in the one-stop shop and generate profit.

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The best way of meeting your family's nutritional needs and ensure that they are enjoying fresh, healthy and natural foods is by growing them your own. But raising everything you need in your backyard would seem to be a daunting or even impossible task. Where will you plant? Where will you get the crops? How many crops can be planted in your little space? Will there be enough to meet the nutritional needs of your family, especially of your breastfeeding wife and growing baby?

Imagine if your family can plant one crop or raise one kind of animal in a large agricultural tract of land leased by the government. You will be trained on how to raise, grow and harvest it the best way until eventually you become an expert at it. And other families are doing the same thing. At harvest time, all of you in the community will then bring all your products in one place and you can take everything that you need to feed your wife and baby. So you don't have to worry about your baby not being able to thrive in his first five years anymore because his/her nutritional needs are met.

Even better is the time when the products are more than what the whole community needs. The excess can be sold at the one-stop organic shop. As more varieities of plants and animals are grown and raised, the shop can then supply a local supermarket. The shop can also start advertizing online thru free social media. In the long run, the shop can work towards the organic certification of all the products and start exporting them to other countries, considering the rising demand for organic products globally. By this time, the babies are now assured of a bright future ahead where each one can pursue what he/she wants to do in life. 
I think this idea will work because one family could be trained and become an expert in providing at least one organic product. When all of the families bring their products to the one-stop shop, not only will they be able to meet their own needs but will also be able sell their excess to gain profit. 

Who will benefit from this idea and where are they located?

The poor communities living in the Philippines.

How could you test this idea in a quick and low-cost way right now?

A couple of families planting grains, fruits, veggies and raising fish and chicken first in their own backyard.

What kind of help would you need to make your idea real?

The project would need help on the training in organic farming, the lay-out of the integrated farm, providing seed funds/initial capital for the project to start, the management of the one-stop shop, and eventually the organic certification process and accreditation

Is this an idea that you or your organization would like to take forward?

  • Yes. I am ready and interested in testing this idea and making it real in my community.


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Great share! Something we'd encourage you to think about is how you might update your Summary section (text above the image gallery) to encapsulate what your idea actually entails briefly and clearly.

Here's a template if you need some help, though feel free to come up with your own clarifying sentence structure.

Our idea is a_________________ [campaign/app/service/program/online platform/toolkit/social enterprise/etc.] that tackles the problem of _____________[the issue being addressed ] by __________[what your idea looks like in practice].

See some Summary examples from the Amplify Team on a previous challenge here:

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Thanks for your feedback. I will revise it as you suggested.