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As responsible parents providing dedicated time to interact, play, feed, motivate, appreciate and encourage your child at each step of her/his milestones, will make a difference with available resource limited settings. Sharing parental experience.

Learned experience from parents, peers, neighbours, day to day ongoing experience as responsible parent matters...

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Responsible parents, responsible citizens of tomorrow.
Role modelling, sharing of evidences from the real life experiences will be the success stories.
Do you think giving dedicated time to your child everyday is important as responsible parents for your kids of tomorrows world?

Who will benefit from this idea and where are they located?

Potential parents will be benefited in the community as responsible parents of tomorrow.

How could you test this idea in a quick and low-cost way right now?

Community Visit on identification of parents from the low resource limited settings Group talk on sharing of parental experiences & Challenges. Drawing out an outcome from the lessons learned that best fits for the community, mutually agreed and welcomed by the parents.

What kind of help would you need to make your idea real?

Evidences of sharing of real life experiences of parents in that given setting would be more natural and appropriate and cost effective either through video clippings from parents who wish to make a difference in the community as role models.

Is this an idea that you or your organization would like to take forward?

  • This idea is meant to inspire. I hope someone else takes it on!


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