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It would give parents the opportunity to take a bit of a break and know their kids are entertained/learning. This would be a great way to reach isolated rural populations using existing infrastructure, hence reducing start-up costs.

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This idea will work well with my community here in tanzania as it will help to reduce the start up cost and hence a great intermediary way of transferring entertanment as  well as provide teachings to kids in low income communities.

Who will benefit from this idea and where are they located?

This would be a great way to reach kids who are living in isolated rural populations using existing infrastructure, hence reducing start-up costs especially in my community here in Tanzania.

Is this an idea that you or your organization would like to take forward?

  • Yes. I am ready and interested in testing this idea and making it real in my community.


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I think a great idea as that radio is a system that is being lost little by using other tecnlogies . Besides having no radio programs for children which can help them in day to day.

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I really like the idea here, I think you should maybe look into making a way to allow interaction between child and parent through the radio programme though, I say this because at an early age I think the bond between parent and child should be encouraged as much as possible and they would be in there comfort zones more which i think would allow them to develop better

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Great stuff, Janeth. Something we'd encourage you to think about is how you might update your Summary section (text above the image gallery) to encapsulate what your idea actually entails briefly and clearly.

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This idea has a really great starting point. As I'm very unknowing here, I would love to see some specifics, like how it would be piloted, what the current infrastructure is like, and possibly what kind of material that would be aired. :)

Again, really like where this is coming from. Would love to see where this could be going!

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That is good idea to Encourage parents, however what
Unique about projects is reduce start up cost It will help children to develop their leaning and interacting other children.

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Very interesting. We could collaborate on these ideas: