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0 to 5 kids Incubator

Imagine an easy access space where parents from low-income communities can go looking for support on the different stages of their Childs development. Parents count with doubts and questions, but also they count with knowledge from their experiences and learnings. Moreover, every parent faces the same challenges and individually has to assume responsibility and look for answers concerning to their child develop individually. Thus, “0 to 5 incubator” would be a collaboration space where people from the community can come and find a shelter to share and experiment with their concerns; a space to start creating solutions having as a main resource their personal experiences, and so, ensuring children thrive.

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How will it work?

The space would start opening processes that seek to find solutions to the main concerns that parents have. The process would have several stages as follows:

Stage 0 – Parents share personal concerns with the group and together they decide what is the main concern to start working.
Stage 1 – Understand the concern and share experiences related.
Stage 2 – Observe how other people in the community deal with the topic.
Stage 3 – Redefined the concern as a common understanding.
Stage 4 – Look for solutions.
Stage 5 -  Try the solution.
Stage 6 – Make adjustments and go on with another concern.
Why it might succeed?
Empowering people to work together and summit their topic to a “design thinking process” guided by a coach with the purpose of taking them into the process and create solutions together.  In this way, the problem or family concerns start to belong to everyone. The secret and key aspect of the project is that the atmosphere and environment of the space would be constructed with the purpose of facilitating the process. This means that it would stimulate parents be kids, and so, unlock their creative confidence: “Playground for adults to create child solutions”.
Questions for the community?
Would you go to an open collaboration space to share concerns and together with other parents try to find solutions that could assure your child thrive? 

Who will benefit from this idea and where are they located?

Definitely kids as the end users of the chain, but moreover parents that are willing to solve their concerns related with their kids. The idea is to create a supportive network from the community to the community, so at the end the whole community would also benefit and create a sense of belonging, improving their wellbeing. I don’t have a specific country or region, but I can imagine many places, for Instance in Colombia, my home country there are several regions or even zones of large cities where the project could take place.

How could you test this idea in a quick and low-cost way right now?

Create a one day workshop with a specific topic (nutrition, health, caring, etc.) concern to child develop in a local community. Assumptions: People in their communities face challenges and they have to look for the solutions alone. People would like to share their concerns People would like to create solutions together. People have time to go to the open space. There are coaches that volunteer to guide projects and help people to find their own solutions. The knowledge from the people from the community is valuable and solution should be created based on it.

Is this an idea that you or your organization would like to take forward?

  • This idea is meant to inspire. I hope someone else takes it on!


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Great share, Carmen! Perhaps you, or others here, might be keen to give some part of this a go in our own community as a lightweight prototype and let everyone know what you discovered? For some inspiration… look what happened when an OpenIDEO collaborator tested ideas out in their own communities: or another exciting example:

Photo of Carmen Escobar

Dear Guy, Thank you for your contribution, I found very interesting the discoveries from the Electronster. As you said next step would be prototype, so hands in action...!