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Designated Parents Working Groups (DPWG) for promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health Education and Service among students at school level

Parents are child’s first and foremost teachers in shaping patterns of behavior of the children for their current and future success

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Opportunity Areas – Select those that apply

  • Last Mile Sexual and Reproductive Health Commodities

What specific problem(s) are you trying to address? (300 character limit)

The Designated Parents would solve the knowledge and skills gap for adolescent students to grow well both socially and academically when reaches puberty. Also will ensure health related curriculum is taught at Schools hence, students being able to take care and accept the changes in their bodies

What are some of your unanswered questions about the problem(s) you are working to address? (500 character limit)

Some study argue that at the beginning Parents Engagement in school initiatives, they are more likely to stay engaged. However, keeping them engaged can be difficult, especially as children grow into adolescence and move on to middle and high school. Hence, there is a need of having a dedicated School Management Committee that will oversees parent engagement by identifying their challenges for being connected and engaged in school activities and then work with them to address those challenges

Who are your end users? (1000 character limit)

We are targeting students who have reached or near to be in Puberty. It will cover Tabora region because of its high records on the number of early pregnancies. It has been evidenced with Tanzania Women Media Association (TAMWA) research on school age pregnancy whereby Tabora region gave shocking information as it recorded 819 girls who left school due to pregnancy between 2006-2009, meaning has many girls (students) who reach puberty and become pregnant unexpectedly due to lack reproductive health education. We will use the already established cooperation of Teachers, Parents and community through School Management Committee (SMC) to convene a parents meeting and train them on the importance of establishing a Designated Parent Working Group (DPWG) that will offer sexual and reproductive health education to their students. Hence, enable students to have ample time to interact with Parents, meaning that they will get exhaustive knowledge, skills and ethics to live well in the Society.

Explain your idea. (500 character limit)

Idea is to introduce a Designated Parent Working Group (DPWG) at school level to offer sexual and reproductive health education. In cooperation with SMC, we will convene a Parents meeting to discuss on the early Pregnancies and establish DPWG as a strategy to lessen the problem. In ensuring its sustainability, the costs of DPWG would be shared per parent basing on the number of students and the chance to be member would be offered in a rotational manner to make sure all parents are involved.

What is your value proposition? (500 character limit)

The program will enable students to have ample time to interact with their Parents hence, getting exhaustive knowledge, skills and ethics to grow well both socially and academically when reaches puberty. Also, they will get a chance to be taught effectively with their normal qualified teachers on sexual and reproductive topics as far as their curriculum is concerned

What's different about your idea compared to current solutions? (500 character limit)

The uniqueness of our idea is on the existence of Designated Parent Working Group (DPWG) with members who share responsibilities in rotational manner and costs as well to all parents. Other organizations have introduced Uhuru Mobile Library that distributes Swahili pictures books and uses video shows with the theme of Girls unwanted Pregnancies, then Girls read the pictures and watch video shows thereafter share impressions and discuss preventive measures to deepen their thoughts on sexuality.

What are the key reasons why end users would turn to your organization over another?

  • Convenience / Accessibility: Making products accessible

What would success look like for your end users? (500 character limit)

1) Students would now get ample time to interact with parents hence, learn more on various ways of preventing early pregnancies, taking care and accepting their biological changes that occur in their bodies. 2) The program will change Parent’s behavior of not being close to their children. Hence, will ensure the availability of Parental guidance to the children. 3) Also, will inculcate the Openness cultures among parents regarding to the biological changes that occur to their children

How would you measure the impact your idea has on your end user(s) ? How will you measure the success of your program? (500 character limit)

Firstly, the decrease in the number of early pregnancies for girls (students) and decrease number of reported cases for students being in love affairs would be good indicator for its impacts on the end user side. Secondly, the Program itself would be successful if would manage to have a workable Designated Parent Working Group (DPWG) with a reporting mechanism in place to a respective school.

What strategies will/are you testing to acquire end users? (300 character limit)

We are expecting to cooperate with School Management Committee (SMC) since, the establishment of the Designated Parent Working Group (DPWG) and is the one that will oversee its operation and introduce before the Parents and students at that respective school.

Key partnerships - Who will you partner with to make your idea work? (500 character limit)

Presidents Office Regional Administration and Local government and the Government Agency named ADEM mandated of improving education management in Tanzania through provision educational management training, research and consultancy service will implement the idea. Moreover, this year the Agency had already organized and conducted School committee training (SMC) through Cascade mode to 129,609(93%) out of 139311 from 19 Regions of Tanzania Mainland. Therefore, the same data for SMC would be used

What is your organization’s name? (150 character limit)

The Idea has emanated from group Individuals who works with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOEST) and ADEM Agency

Tell us more about you: (750 character limit)

We are a group of three(3) members who are Government Employees working with the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MOEST) and Agency for the Development of Education Management(ADEM) dedicated to implement and making the Program a reality within the Government system. The two of us are Economists working as Budget and Planning Officer while the other is the Teacher by Profession but currently he is the School Quality Assurer

Where will your idea be implemented? (200 character limit)

The idea would be implemented in Tabora region in Tanzania

What do you need to get started? (500 character limit)

We real need financial support for organizing and conducting training to School Committees in Tabora region including re-plan a training budget and developing training facilitation, coordinate and monitor the implementation of the work plan for Designated Parent Working Group (DPWG), compiling the regional facilitation training report and prepare Financial Report.

What is the current scale of your proposed innovation?

  • It is still in planning phase and does not exist yet.

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • Yes, for more than one year.

Expertise in Sector

  • I've worked in a sector related to my idea for more than a year.

Organization Location (200 character limit)

Our team is based in Tanzania and we are working with the Government as a Civil Servants

What is your organizational status?

  • We are not registered but plan to in the future.

What is the maturity of your innovation?

  • Early Stage Innovation: I am exploring my innovation, refining, researching, and gathering inspiration.


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