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A Sex-ed Mobile App

An app (game) which can raise teens' awareness of the consequences of casual sexual activities.

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  • mHealth
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What specific problem(s) are you trying to address? (300 character limit)

Even though most of the teens in NYC have received sex-ed in middle schools, they do not see importance on the consequences of casual sexual activities which is the reason behind increase in teen pregnancy and spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

What are some of your unanswered questions about the problem(s) you are working to address? (500 character limit)

1. Why are teens unaware of the consequences of casual sexual activities? 2. How do we attract their attention to this issue? What kinds of means can we apply to address the problem?

Who are your end users? (1000 character limit)

Our end users are teenagers (13-19 years old) in New York City who are not aware of the importance of birth control and are ignorant about the consequence of enjoying the "moment" without using a condom which could lead to teen pregnancy problem. We are trying to raise teens' awareness of the consequences of casual sexual activities.

Explain your idea. (500 character limit)

Our idea is to use mobile apps to help them realize the consequences of casual sexual activities. Firstly, This app could be a mobile game. It could be an interactive, storytelling, game-based learning and could also combine with VR/AR techniques which can create more immersive and impressive experience. Secondly, this app could be a platform which could allow users to get advice from experts or peers. Also, they can ask questions or exchange their thoughts on the platform.

What is your value proposition? (500 character limit)

Many teenagers are not aware of the importance of contraception. Through the mobile game, teens can learn more about the consequence of casual sexual activities by interacting with the game characters, making meaningful choices and knowing the results. The app would present the consequences of casual sexual activities and provide measures that can be taken to prevent teen pregnancies.

What's different about your idea compared to current solutions? (500 character limit)

We have not yet seen any mobile game with a first-person perspective showcase the consequences of casual sexual activities and provide methods that can be taken to prevent teen pregnancies. Moreover, we can combine the game with VR or AR techniques which would create an impressive and unique experience for teenagers. Since teenagers engage well with digital media and also like to play games on their phone, we believe this app could capture their attention.

What are the key reasons why end users would turn to your organization over another?

  • Customization: Tailoring to specific needs

What would success look like for your end users? (500 character limit)

Adolescents would be aware of the consequence of casual sexual activities. Moreover, this app could help reduce the number of unwanted teen pregnancies.

How would you measure the impact your idea has on your end user(s) ? How will you measure the success of your program? (500 character limit)

We would record and observe how teenagers use this app and also give them a test to measure if they learn more about the consequence of casual sexual activities. To measure the success of our idea, we will analyze the demographics data for this age group (13-19 years) to see if it reduce the number of teen pregnancy cases.

What strategies will/are you testing to acquire end users? (300 character limit)

Since teens are usually active users of social media, we will advertise our app through social media. Moreover, if they like the application, they would recommend it to their friends and may also play or discuss together. Also, we will collaborate with schools and promote our app.

Key partnerships - Who will you partner with to make your idea work? (500 character limit)

Our partners would be organizations that already engaged and invested in the issue like sexual health clinics, companies that are in related fields, NGO that is committed to solving teen pregnancy problem.

Tell us more about you: (750 character limit)

NYU Ideation and Prototyping team 1 : Cherisha Agarwal Joanna Molloy Runqi Du Will Hsu Yu-Hsuan Lin

Where will your idea be implemented? (200 character limit)

New York City, US

What do you need to get started? (500 character limit)

We need to ask some experts about game design and also learn more about teens' preference for a game. Then make a prototype for the app.

What is the current scale of your proposed innovation?

  • It is still in planning phase and does not exist yet.

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • Yes, for more than one year.

Expertise in Sector

  • I've worked in a sector related to my idea for more than a year.

Organization Location (200 character limit)


What is your organizational status?

  • We are not formally registered but are a formal initiative through a school / university.

What is the maturity of your innovation?

  • Early Stage Innovation: I am exploring my innovation, refining, researching, and gathering inspiration.


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Photo of Amir Javeri

I like the idea of the game, but my concern surrounding the game is linearly losing audience as the game progresses, i.e. 100% of players go through level 1 but 20% of players finish the game which == 20% of players see all of the content. I would better elaborate on the structure of the game to explain how you plan to overcome linear loss in order to ensure your information is not wasted.

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