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Visit Museum of Sex

Different perspective of sexual education

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Museum of Sex is a museum that showing the history, evolution and culture of sex. They open to all patrons (18+).

My experience:

I think Museum of Sex is a good way for young people to understand what is sex. When I went into Museum of Sex, there are lots of sex toys and related magazines. They help young people understand sex from different perspective. When I start visit, there are three exhibitions impressed me. The first one is “Night Fever: New York Disco 1977–1979, The Bill Bernstein Photographs”. It shows the multiculturalism of sex. There are 40 photographs, includes gays, whites with blacks, young guys with old, rich man with poor. It teaches us love and sex is multicultural, everything needs to respect. The second one shows the history of sex objects, from the earliest condom to modern one. The museum also shows the earliest hand illustrated sex manual. These sex objects are kinds of arts and they are also a part of sex.

 My thoughts: 

I think Museum of Sex is useful for young people’s sexual education. Young people can learn many sex related knowledge from the museum. Other city in the worlds can also try to build a museum to introduce sex to young people who are 18 years old or more. However, the Museum of Sex should not be the only way for sexual education. Family, schools and society are playing very important role. To develop sexual education, the precondition is that our society needs to have enough professionals to promote sexual knowledge. Government or NGOs need to train enough volunteers to help young people understand sex.


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